Josep Domènech Sánchez

Josep Domènech Sánchez grew up in a family of carpenters, amongst the wood, sandpaper and varnish of his father and grandfather’s workshop in the centre of Barcelona. All his childhood education was geared towards the family tradition of carpentry, although he much preferred drawing, taking technical design lessons with a private teacher and family friend who had taught his father to paint.

Going on to study art at the Tarrega Academy, Domènech perfected the technique of charcoal drawing, studying the sculptures of David, Milo and Seneca. From there, he moved to the Masana School of Arts and Crafts in Barcelona where he studied design. However, the contributing factor to him becoming a painter was seeing Vicente Minelli’s film ‘The Mad Man With The Red Hair’, based on Van Gogh’s life. After this, he took his father’s box of oil paints and spent the next two years going out to the countryside and painting landscapes in an impressionist style.

From the age of 19, Domènech began to paint in a more reflective ‘atelier’ style, setting up still-lives of fruit and domestic objects as his subject. At this time, he was also studying figure drawing at evening classes and as part of the Saint Lluch art circle. In 1974, he presented his work to the prestigious Sala Pares gallery in Barcelona and was selected to show his art for the first time to the general public.

He continued to paint in an academic manner until the birth of his first daughter in 1978 and his next two children in 1981 and 1986. Having to economize on materials, he began to use oils in the manner of watercolors, heavily diluting the oil paint and applying it to the canvas, before rubbing it off with rags and repeating this process, thus developing the technique which characterizes his work today.

In 1985, Domènech received a prestigious Honours award which provided him with an introduction to many art galleries where he was invited to exhibit. In 1989, he was able to dedicate himself solely to painting and his professional life as an artist began. Since then, his work has been exhibited in one-man shows across Spain as well as in group exhibitions in his own country, the US and the UK.

Commenting on his work, Domènech says, “I express myself through objects, figures, situations, feelings and self-reflection. I yearn for peace and quiet and the female figure gives me that stillness and sensibility. My figures are not concrete women; rather it is my intention to convey reflection, shyness, love and peace through the female form.“ Domènech lives in Spain.

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