M.D. Rubio

Walking into the studio of Maria Dolores Rubio, known to all of her dear friends as “Maloles”, is a delight and a revelation. One feels her presence in the compact two-room space, a happy and yet frenetic atmosphere full of imagination. She says to the visitor…”Don’t clean my dust”…meaning that everything here has purpose for her. There are two easels with works- in-progress, drawings and pages from magazines clipped to the edges of the canvasses as inspiration. She excitedly flutters around the studio with a beaming smile, sharing her reveries and her aspirations. One feels an atmosphere of playfulness and contentment here. Her creative process is unique and exciting. She has “magical boxes”, one filled with brilliantly colored fabric samples, patchworks of discarded clothing, another with sketches, and still another with pages cut out of innumerable magazines, folded and scored to the image which may have caught her imagination at a moment in time. Boxes of these treasures, and “things” which only have meaning for her, are strewn throughout. It is a scene of controlled chaos……she knows where everything is and the intents inherent in the scene. Her dog, “Free”, a golden retriever, lays on her side in a corner further showing that this is a comfortable place, at times coming over to get love or to give comfort to her mistress .
From what one can divine of her process, it is as follows: She is intrigued by scenes….moments in time….which can be derived from something she has seen while walking with Free, from a photo in a magazine, an advertisement…from innumerable points of sensory experience. These initial germs of ideas are only the departure points leading her into her creation. When she determines that she is prepared to put her ideas/conceptions on canvas, wood or papyrus, she first roughly sketches her idea with pencil, crayon or whatever, onto the intended surface, in a kind of iconography known only by herself. She is balancing her initial concept of the symmetry of the composition. Then she will begin adding/pasting elements of collage onto the surface, utilizing a fabric, a segment of a page from a magazine, a piece of a cereal box with text on it….whatever she spontaneously wishes to incorporate into the texture of that specific creation. She does not struggle with the process,….it evolves as naturally as breathing, and she smiles, delightedly, throughout. She next begins to add color with a brush, using fast-drying acrylic paints, blocking in and defining the continuing direction of the composition. She may have originally been inspired by a scene with a cream-colored wall, and then, while in the process of creation, will determine that, for this conception, it must be lavender or green.
She then must wait, impatiently, for the partially completed compositions to dry before getting to the final concluding steps. This is a time for her of great anticipation. The canvas is calling for her to continue, but she must wait for drying to get to her favorite part of her process. This is why there may be, at any one time, two or three works in progress in her studio. The waiting to continue is agonizing for her. Once the work is dry enough, she will begin using oil paints. Rich gobs of buttery color are applied lovingly, in broad and small strokes completing and enriching the compositions until she is satisfied. This is her happiest time. Finally once all is complete and dry she will sign and seal all with varnish signifying her approval. And another canvas awaits……
Maria Dolores Rubio has had a gratifying career as a full-time artist since the 1970’s. She studied with the masters/teachers of her city, Barcelona, until she had developed her own unique signature style which we now admire. She has shown in galleries and museums in Spain, France and in the United States to great acclaim and success.

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El color del sentimiento
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